Vineyards in Barnave


  • La Louine, an area we particularly like, since we started our agricultural activities there in 1982, in sheep farming. Then our love for vine prevailed. We gradually planted 4 ha there, on an isolated hillside.
  • The last plot was planted in 2016. It is called Figuemas. It is situated under a beautiful property called « le Mas », and it is planted with fig trees, hence the name. Peach trees and almond trees followed in 2017 as part of our agroforestry programme.
  • Les Plots are very flat plots as shown in the name Plots, therefore very easy to work. They consist in alluvial terraces of the Barnave river.
  • La Rouyère, behind the village has the same type of soil. They both offer magnificent views on the Glandasse mountain, our Diois summit.
  • Les Brouas is our steepest and best exposed vineyard, therefore also more precocious. We usually start harvesting there. The slope makes a great impression on beginners, every day buckets will escape also from mores experimented harvesters and roll down the slope. Who will pay the aperitif?
    This plot is on a hill called Serre de Cort, with its strong clay and numerous springs, which means difficult work in wet weather.
  • Le Pascau is situated on the same hill, we call it the « swing » vineyard. A landslide due to infiltration occurred right in the middle of the plot, the rows are still parallel but very sinuous.
  • Dignechien has a very chic hut in the middle, with red rendering and blue shutters. It was built by Albert Lagier, its former owner.
  • Just opposite Cournouse is named after the brook which lies down the slope.
  • Morteseigne whose name is an evocation of death, does not frighten us but gives roots a hard time with its very dense subsoil.

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